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Newsletter Zero

Having failed to create a Blog version of the Newsletter for Return of the Ring (because I failed to recruit a Newsletter editor to do this) I have decided to post the newsletters here.

The first is Newsletter Zero, which is traditionally printed the night before travelling to the conference, and is full of things which t'committee need to have people see upon their arrival. However, in this instance, it wasn't written until early Thursday morning.

Volunteers Needed!

There are sign-up sheets for the remaining Steward slots, and Registration/Ops assistant slots in Ops.
URGENTLY NEEDED: Ops assistant stewards for Thursday and Friday
Registration staff for Thursday 12.45-1500 and 14.45-17.00

Stewards’ Briefing Sessions

Two briefing sessions are to be held today: 1.15 in Barrow Hall and 4.30 in the Atrium of the Edward Herbert Building (where you registered.

Need something sent to you?

(Small!) items can be sent to
Return of the Ring,
Imago Office
Loughborough University
LE11 3TD

Tech volunteer not contacted ….

Andy A. (Tech) apologises profusely to the person who kindly offered at the AGM to assist with tech. Andy has lost your contact details in his phone, and would appreciate it if you made contact (via Ops).

Instructions for accessing the timetable on a smartphone

Go to and follow the instructions.
The redeem code is [no longer valid].
Please only download once as we have a cap on the total number allowed.

Programme Changes

On Thursday the Philosophy and Ethics session will start at 14:15, and not 14:05 as stated on the printed timetable.
Again on Thursday, the screening of Born of Hope at 15:30 will take place in the Barrow Hall, and not in the Screening Room.
On Sunday in the first session of the morning, in the Classroom, Jacki Phillips cannot be present, and so Sandra Hall will finish at 9:45 instead of 9:30 and Tony Wood will start at 9:45 instead of 10:00.
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