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You know what anniversary it is!

Happy new year! May 2012 be filled with good things for you!

One good thing is, of course, Return of the Ring - Loughborough August 2012: for all details visit

2012 will, of course, see the 75th Anniversary of The Hobbit.
Published in the UK by Allen & Unwin 21st September
Tolkien had been inventing and telling stories to his children for many years. There are many elements that contributed to the story ‘The Hobbit’ including the thought that Tolkien had whilst marking School Certificate papers. The opening sentence ‘In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.’ being a suitable fit for a blank page. From there the story developed until by the end of 1932 it was almost complete. Passages from the story would find their way into the discussions of The Inklings and eventually C.S. Lewis was given the manuscript to read. In 1936 the typescript was read by a student of Tolkien’s and then either lent or borrowed by Susan Dagnell, then a staff member of the publisher Allen & Unwin. It was read and reviewed by Raynor Unwin, the 10 year old son of the proprietor, and on this favourable report Allen & Unwin decided to publish.

Posted on behalf of Tolkien Society member Ian Spittlehouse.

There are already a number of expressions of interest Hobbit-based content for Return of the Ring, but still time to submit a paper, a play, create a costume or something else to amaze and delight.

The call for papers is here
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