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The Notion Club Papers

2012 will see the 20th Anniversary of the publication of "The Notion Club Papers" in
Sauron Defeated

"The Notion Club Papers" is the incomplete fragment of a novel which deals with travel through time, space and dreams. Its autobiographical nature and unique tone and format made its appearance in 1992 a real buzz at the Tolkien Centenary Conference.

Will The Notion Club papers inspire you to write a paper, a play, create a costume or something else for Return of the Ring?

Would you like to lead, participate in, or attend a reading of 'The Notion Club Papers?

There is another connection to 2012: it begins "These Papers have a rather puzzling history. They were found after the Summer Examinations of 2012 on the top of one of a number of sacks of waste paper in the basement of Examination Schools at Oxford...." (thanks to the member of the Southfarthing Smial who drew my attention to this).

What better year to be inspired by the Notion Club Papers?

There is a blog about the Notion Club Papers here, which I found very interesting:

Registration and accommodation bookings for Return of the Ring, Loughborough August 2012 are now open: for all details visit and call for papers is here Please note, prices rise 1st December 2011.
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