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Smith of Wootton Major

2012 will be the 45th anniversary of ‘Smith of Wootton Major’

'Smith of Wootton Major' was intended as a preface to George Macdonald’s ‘The Golden Key’. However (as with Niggle and his leaf) Tolkien developed the story. It explores the appreciation of imaginative vision contrasted with what might be called the ‘day to day’ practicalities of life. The ‘Smith’ of the title is gifted admittance to Faery and makes many journeys there discovering more about this strange and perilous realm. This doesn’t detract from his responsibilities as a craftsman, in many ways it serves to inspire him. The story would later be illustrated by Pauline Baynes
Posted on behalf of Tolkien Society member Ian Spittlehouse.

Will 'Smith of Wootton Major' inspire you to write a paper, a play, create a costume or something else for Return of the Ring?
Would you like to lead, participate in, or attend a reading of 'Smith of Wootton Major'?

Registration and accommodation bookings for Return of the Ring, Loughborough August 2012 are now open: for all details visit and call for papers is here Please note, prices rise 1st December 2011.
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