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Mr Bliss

2012 will be the 30th anniversary of Mr Bliss.
Published posthumously, Mr. Bliss is a children’s picture book, illustrated by Tolkien. The book was submitted to Allen and Unwin in the 1930’s in the same period when ‘The Hobbit’ was submitted. Allen and Unwin were interested but only if the number of pictures, and colour were reduced. Tolkien himself was reticent, mainly about the quality of the illustrations and the implications of the amount of colour.

Posted on behalf of Tolkien Society member Ian Spittlehouse.

Will Mr Bliss inspire you to write a paper, a play, create a costume or something else for Return of the Ring?
Would you like to lead, participate in, or attend a reading of Mr Bliss?

Registration and accommodation bookings for Return of the Ring, Loughborough August 2012 are now open: for all details visit and call for papers is here
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